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3D Manga Breaks Boundaries of Page

Initially posted to Twitter, an innovative manga by artist Yūsuke Murata (Eyeshield 21) expands the artist’s canvas, merging elements of arts & crafts, photography and graffiti/street art to the storytelling techniques of comics and manga.

The short story is a relatively simple comedy about a Murata stand-in being hounded by his editor about his deadline but it’s packed with lively slapstick that plays with perspective similar to some of the eye catching 3D street art that you’ve probably seen either online or in person. The manga also makes use of folded papers with cut out pieces and white-out to build the world around the characters to create the coolest dioramas you’ve ever seen. Once the individual moments have been created, Murata had to light and photograph them to create each panel of the manga, being sure to frame each scene with his camera from the right angle to get the best effect out of his artwork. Sometimes he even used a direct light source in the panel itself as in the picture below.

To read the full story, you can go here if you know Japanese, or here for the English translation.