Corey Blake the Comics Observer

The Comics Observer is a web-magazine presenting a variety of voices providing perspectives and opinions on sequential art in our culture. From comic strips and comic books to graphic novels, manga, web-comics and beyond, from yesterday to tomorrow, the industry and art form are explored from all angles.

Our regular featured columns:

  • Every 1st Monday of the month: ComicKick by Joe Kontor – The mastermind behind ComicKick on Facebook examines the ever-growing area of crowd-funding in comics.
  • Every 2nd Monday of the month: The Journey, Man by Wayne Rée – A journalist and writer shares his discovery of comic books, from his start as a super-hero fan to his evolution into a believer of the power of the art form of comics.
  • Every 3rd Monday of the month: Dig Comics by Miguel Cima – The award-winning documentarian celebrates what makes comics so great, and what’s holding them back.
  • Every 4th Monday of the month: Comics in Education by Anastasia Betts – An educator looks at the use of comics in the classroom, and shares her experience helping teachers embrace sequential art as a teaching tool.
  • Every Wednesday: New Comics for New Readers by Corey Blake – A weekly recommendation of three new releases worth checking out that should be suitable for someone who has never read comic books, graphic novels or manga before.
  • Most Mondays: Pixel Pages by Corey Blake – The latest news in webcomics and digital comics.
  • Most Wednesdays: Reviews – A variety of voices reviewing a variety of comic books, graphic novels, manga, webcomics, and more.
  • On hiatus: Confessions of a Comic Book Cartoonist by Scott Shaw! – Get an insider’s look at the art form from a 40-year veteran of the industry.
  • More coming soon…!

Additionally, during the month of June 2012, The Comics Observer ran a 5-part series Growing Up a Gay Comics Fan by Dane Hill, which told the story of one person’s experiences as a gay comics reader and the power of being represented.

The Comics Observer is run by comics pundit Corey Blake. He is a regular contributor to Robot 6, a producer and consultant for the award-winning documentary/comics advocacy movement Dig Comics, and regular guest on the podcast Part-Time Fanboy.

Contributions, questions, tips and inquiries can be sent to comicsobserver@gmail.com. If you’re interested in contributing a column on a regular or semi-regular basis, or contributing a one-off column, please contact us at comicsobserver@gmail.com

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(Corey Blake cartoon by Scott Shaw!)

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