Dig Comics launches Kickstarter campaign to promote comic books through documentary


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Press Contact: Corey Blake





Kickstarter campaign to fund Feature Film version of award-winning short to launch June 5th, 2013, seeking goal by July 10th, 2013.


An ambitious Kickstarter campaign launches today, June 5th, 2013, at
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1880292100/dig-comics to raise at least $250,000 for a feature length documentary that will promote comic books to mainstream America. After years of meetings trying to convince Hollywood networks, studios and production companies that comics deserve the spotlight, filmmaker/raconteur Miguel Cima is turning to the people for help in financing. Embracing the underdog appeal of comics, Cima calls on the converted comic fans and professionals to come together in making real a project that hopes to benefit the comics industry.

Comic books, an American original like jazz and baseball, were once as widespread, respected and loved as cinema, music and literature. But over the last several decades, comics have lost over 90% of U.S. readers. How did that happen? And how do we turn that around?

In the planned feature film, Cima chases the trail of comics’ struggle through history, and reaches for new ways to get America to once again DIG COMICS.

Employing a lighthearted, fun-loving documentary style, Miguel exposes a new audience to the rich artwork, fascinating people and moving tale of comic books in America. Part Anthony Bourdain, part Michael Moore, Miguel shares his infectious passion with his viewers, while challenging people on screen and off with experiments, diatribe and stark images which will make people laugh as they cheer on for the cause of comic books!


Before a series of very public congressional hearings in the 1950’s, comic books were as ubiquitous and popular as movies and music. Demonized by politics and propaganda, the industry saw a steep decline in readership, compounded by a subsequent series of poor business practices which fractured distribution systems and erased market awareness for comics.

But during all those years, there have not only been unsung Picassos and Van Goughs working tirelessly in the field – a New Golden Age of comics is happening RIGHT NOW under America’s very nose. DIG COMICS will get these people recognized and turn on generations new and old to just what they are missing.

To get to the heart of the matter, DIG COMICS will start by traveling to New York – the very spot where the comic book industry came to life. It is largely a story of the children of Jewish immigrants during the turn of the last century, forging an art form literally with their own hands, impacting the world with some of the most iconic characters of all time. Still the home of the biggest comics publishers in America, DIG COMICS will speak to the people working in the epicenter of the comic universe to shed more light on where comics have been – and where they are going.

The story continues overseas in France and Japan, where comics culture is big business, and comics artists are treated like rock stars. Comic cons in those places dwarf the size and attendance of our own famous San Diego Comic Con. All this despite populations half the size of the U.S. and even smaller. What’s different about the comics culture in these places? How has history been kinder to them so far from their birthplace? DIG COMICS will take their cameras there and find out.

DIG COMICS – the feature film – is only the first salvo in a larger comic book revolution. Starting with the award-winning short, this ongoing project has captured the attention of many producers and luminaries including The Uslan Company, Edward James Olmos and Dark Horse Entertainment. Having pitched the project to dozens of producers, networks and studios, DIG COMICS has chosen Kickstarter to finance the next stage of the project, while building an audience towards boosting the next round of development.

Miguel Cima could not be more sincere in his quest and love for comics. As far as he’s concerned, DIG COMICS will only be successful if it helps turn around the audience decline and elevate comic books THEMSELVES – not just the movies, TV shows, toys and video games – to a place in our culture closer to movies, music, and books. The revolution has begun!!!


Sergio Aragones
Peter Bagge
Stephen Christy
Dame Darcy
Anthony Del Col
Rick Geary
Gary Groth
James Kochalka
Erik Larsen
Paul Levitz
Jeph Loeb
Conor McCreery
Terry Nantier
Mike Richardson
Trina Robbins
Stan Sakai
Scott Shaw!
Jeff Smith
James Sturm
Carol Tyler
Michael Uslan
…and many more to come…

MIGUEL CIMA (Director/Writer/Host): Argentinean-born New Yorker, living in Los Angeles, Miguel is a graduate of New York University’s Film School. A seasoned world traveler, prolific writer and filmmaker, his original short version of DIG COMICS won Best Documentary at the San Diego Comic Con Independent Film Festival and was an official selection at 15 more: Cannes, Vancouver, LA New Filmmakers, and more. Miguel is a veteran of the entertainment industry having worked at Warner Bros., Dreamworks, MTV and on several films. His work has received positive press in The Los Angeles Times, NPR, Ain’t It Cool News, Comics Alliance, and many others. He has been reading and collecting comics since he was 3 years old.


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